TRAGEDY UPDATE Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

EVEN AS I POSTED this entry a horrific event was unfolding in this country. One, or more, gunmen killed 18 children and a number of adults in an elementary school in Connecticut. My heart is breaking…


Defining “delicate” came to me quickly- simply because of the project in which I am currently involved. I am photographing children at a local elementary school, many of whom are offspring of newly immigrated parents. As they navigate culture, economy, future, we are charged with embracing them- after all, it is a delicate balance.


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11 thoughts on “TRAGEDY UPDATE Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

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  2. Thank you so much for thinking of those children…As always, when these events (oh-too-repeatedly) happen, I wonder how many more must occur before we take seriously the delicacy of life in America…

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